Giveaway Time!

     juiceplus  Hey ya’ll! Time for our first giveaway!! I’m so pleased to get to share a review for you of an awesome product that I would endorse to anyone who doesn’t feel like they are getting enough fruits and vegetables everyday. Let’s face it, the latest data shows that 23 percent of Americans eat less than one serving of fruits or vegetables per day. (link) Studies have shown that so much of our health issues in America can be resolved by just changing our diet. Food can be healing. Vegetables are some of the most nutrient dense foods, that contain disease fighting antioxidants that are hard to find other places. They reduce our toxins, help fight cancer causing substances, help regulate and grow new cells and lower risk of all kinds of diseases; including; Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and many more. Studies have also shown that people who eat more than 7 servings of veggies daily have a 42% less chance of dying from one of these causes- that’s almost 50%!

    Most of us know how important it is to be eating fruits and vegetables, but still we fall short of the daily recommended amount of 6-8 servings of vegetables per day. While fruit is also important, the healing is really in the veggies. Of course the best way to get nutrition is straight from the whole food. Organic is always preferable. But for many, eating that many servings really is a challenge. That’s where Juice Plus + comes in. I love that they offer a product that can pack your daily (and more) servings of fruits in veggies in one little capsule, knowing that you are bettering your health with one little pill. The awesome thing is, they also have gummies for the kiddos that do the exact same thing. Tabitha has graciously agreed to testify about how Juice Plus + has helped her and her family feel better and heal all at the same time. Thanks Tabitha!

” Everyone is on a health journey. A journey of making better choices every day. You might be at the very beginning, just trying to drink more water. You might be a “health nut” who does yoga, eats organic foods, and manages stress well. I love how a healthy lifestyle is reached over time with many small changes that add up to healthy living.

 My health journey started with my mother. She fed us healthy food, made us eat our vegetables, and was constantly encouraging healthier living. When I was a teenager, she heard about an amazing way to get lots of high quality fruits and vegetables into our diets without the constant battle of “it doesn’t taste good” at the dinner table. You can bet she jumped all over it.

 I continued to eat these fruits and veggies every day but after my husband and I got married we had a budget meeting and although I knew it was good for me, we decided to cut out the added expense. Within several months, I noticed a tremendous negative effect in my hormonal stability and overall sense of well being. My husband did too! He encouraged me to add back all the extra nutrition and actually started doing it himself because the difference was so obvious!

 He was on two prescriptions, one for high blood pressure caused by stress, and one for adderall to help him focus in college. In the past, he had tried to wean himself off of the adderall prescription because of the negative side effects but he was not able to maintain his grades.  After several months of flooding his body with the nutrition from fruits and vegetables, he stopped taking adderall, came off of his blood pressure medications, and maintained his good grades!

 So what is this amazing way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we know we should eat?!  It’s called JuicePlus+. It is the nutrition from 30 different fruits and vegetables that has been extracted and put into a capsule. That’s crazy right?!

 Actually, it’s crazy awesome. So how do we know that it really is all that nutrition in a capsule? A lot of supplements make claims, but the incredible thing about JuicePlus+ is that they back it up with published, clinical, third party, peer-reviewed research. More than 30 Juice Plus+ research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world, including Vanderbilt, MD Anderson, and Georgetown. The studies show marked improvement from taking JuicePlus+ in areas such as heart health, immune system function, DNA protection, inflammation, periodontal health, and oxidative stress.

 Over the past year, my husband and I have been very intentional about taking our JuicePlus+ every day. We were recently talking about how so many of our friends had been sick so often and it got us thinking. It has been over a year since either of us has been sick, even with just a cold! And my nine month old daughter has had two runny noses, no ear infections, no fevers, nothing. Our lives have been impacted so much by adding whole food nutrition to our diet that we started sharing it with our family and friends. It is so fulfilling to watch lives be changed around us by the power of fruits and veggies!  What could it do for you?

 If the idea of fruits and veggies having healing power sounds strange to you, check out this short video that explains the concept by Dr. Reginald Fowler who practices medicine at Piedmont Physicians in Atlanta. For more information about JuicePlus+ or to order, visit our website at”

Please feel free to check out her site and give Juice Plus+ a try! And now…it’s giveaway time!! Share this post on a social media outlet, and comment below how you and your family have made or are attempting to make some healthier life choices and you will be entered to win two packets of Juice Plus+ Complete- a whole food protein smoothie in a delicious chocolate flavor! Good luck!


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