Yucky Bugs and Helpful Hints

April has turned into crazy month. More on that here. As I’ve mentioned my little one was sicker than he has ever been this last week. Makes a mother’s heart hurt to watch her kiddo that sick. I was reminded that he is on loan to me and I am so privileged to be his momma for however long we are together. With that said, I wanted to review a few of the tips and tricks that have helped us get through the yuckiness this last week.

The back story is that E has been teething for 3 weeks. Hard core. The front two teeth have been blistered, raised, and red for 3 weeks- 3 weeks of misery for all of us. So runny nose, cough, and crabbiness have been a part of our last few weeks thanks to those teeth. I wasn’t really too concerned about the symptoms because I know it really is just all part of teething. A few things we have been doing are; frozen washcloth (sometimes dipped in chamomile tea at night time) to chew on, frozen bananas, strawberries for his raw gummies. Hyland’s teething tablets (these rock!), Tylenol for the really bad nights, lavender oil for sleep and comfort, and lots and lots of snuggles from mommy and daddy. With that said, that about summarizes our 3 weeks of teething with our child who is normally the happiest, smiley, most social baby you have ever met.

This week the ball dropped. E woke up yesterday morning burning up. I knew instantly that he had a high fever. The night before had been awful. We were up most of the night and in the morning I realized why. Poor kid laid lethargic in my arms, burning up all day. If you know my kiddo you know that he never stops moving, so for him to sleep on me all day meant something was really wrong. I immediately started my protocols and prayer. I am reminded that I first and foremost need to go to the Great Physician and ask for health that only He can give. Covering E in prayer is my job and privilege as his momma. Next we started our Lavender oil on his feet and spine, wild orange on his spine (immune boosting and calming), tea tree oil on his feet to fight infection (viral or bacterial), melrose on the back of his ears, just in case. Garlic drops in his ears (only do this if you know the ear drum is not ruptured). Garlic is an amazing super antibiotic that will kill anything and everything. Coconut water and lots of breast milk to replace his fluid losses. A lukewarm bath and compresses to bring his fever down and a few drops of peppermint to help with that as well. Vitamin C tablets to boost his immune system. His fever did rise to 103.5 and at that point I decided it was time for him to be seen, just in case. My instincts were correct and we just need a Rx for more snuggles, loving, hydration, and a little time. So, we continued applying the oils every hour and did intermittent Tylenol to bring the fever under 103 degrees.

Time is the hardest part I feel when you are momma to a sick one. As I’ve talked about before, it’s not about not getting sick. I want him to build up an immune system, which, unfortunately means there will be sickness. It’s about supporting his system so that he can get back on track while we wait out the nasty little bugs. These oils have been that for me. They are a tool to help your child/family/yourself, support that system when you do inevitably hit these times in life. The amazing thing is, the body is designed to handle these times; we just have to provide the best environment for that to happen in.

If you have a little one, sickness if going to hit. You know that, I know that. I am so thankful to be prepared for those times and have these oils on hand when it does come. This is by no means making up for medical care if and when it is necessary but I hope it will provide you some tips on ways you can use these oils.


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