Spring Cleaning and a Product Review

    It’s time to start talking about spring cleaning. Our almost 80 degree weather yesterday made me so excited to open up the windows, clean the curtains, and start the spring cleaning process! I recently did a post on my all purpose cleaner that I use for everything, but I want to start a series of reviews, ideas, and tips that hopefully will make your life a little easier, healthier, and cleaner. We’ve talked extensively about environmental toxins. One of the leading exposures that our families have to these toxins is the products we clean our homes with. Laundry detergent, dish washing soap, furniture polish, etc. I grew up thinking these were just common place and everyone uses them. Only in the last few years have we really turned to such harsh chemicals to clean our home with. The other problem with most of the chemicals is that often they just cover up the mess, instead of actually cleaning it.

   Today’s cleaning tip comes from a kind friend who gave me my new favorite cleaning tool! She did a 3 day info session on Norwex cleaning products and each day she gave away some great products.. On the last day, I won the mitt. So excited! It’s funny that the things on my wish list these days include things that pertain to cleaning, exercise, and food. Anyways, this thing is awesome. So great I wanted to make sure you all knew about it. It’s called the Dusting Mitt and you can see why from the picture below.

photo (19)

     The mitt actually fits on your hand like a glove so that you can just glide your hand along any surface to pick up dust. I’m kinda a nerd so as soon as I got home I put it to use. My mantle, bookshelves and things like that were fairly clean, but man oh man…my blinds. I dust these every single week with a Dusting E-Cloth. I wanted to gag when I saw the dust this thing pulled off. It’s a powerhouse. No chemicals, just microfiber and Norwex Bac-lock protection. So what’s so special about this microfiber versus other products. To be honest, I wasn’t sure at first. I took a stab at microfiber a few years ago and ordered from E-Cloth. I really like their microfiber cloths and have been using those to clean my house for about a year. They do a great job- no cleaning chemicals involved, and they are very reasonably priced. But, I have been itching to compare the E-Cloth to the Norwex products. Norwex products are embeeded with microsilver. This sliver has been shown to be effective in killing MRSA and superbugs. The silver not only inactivates the bacteria on the countertops and surfaces, it also acts as a self cleaning agent for the rag. So what’s my consensus- Norwex is worth the little extra money. I saw a huge difference in my dusting rag from E-Cloth vs. the Norwex dusting mitt. Not only did it pick up the left over dust- I know that it is killing the bag bugs at the same time. Win. Win. So there’s my product review- I hope you get to try some of Norwex products- they are a great option for cleaning your home without harsh chemicals. If you are interested in Norwex Dusting Mitt or any of their other great products, click here. Simplify. Enjoy!


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