The results are in…..One month of meals for $221.21

       So the title gave it away- yes I really did it. 16 planned dinners, with plenty of left overs to boot. Now granted, when I say one month of dinners, I count 4 dinners for each week. With only two (eating adults) in the house that seems to be plenty for us for the week. We eat leftovers for lunch and then I usually cook most weeknights, with date night on Friday night, (no cooking for this momma on that night). This is also assuming that you have basic pantry items stocked. If you didn’t the total would definitely be a little more.I also am leaving a little extra in our weekly budget for things I may have forgotten, fresh produce, fruit, eggs for breakfast, etc.

 photo (18)

The shows a rough idea of when we’ll eat what. In all honesty I am a throw it together in the moment type of girl- but this makes me make sure we have what we need in the fridge. Very simple, we eat gluten free, and mostly dairy free as well, I just can’t do fake cheese. We also are very heavy protein and vegetable heavy, so simple and healthy works. The only regret I have about this is that I couldn’t afford to fit in the organic meats. Usually we go as organic as we possibly can, but it just didn’t fit to do organic meat this month. So here’s the break-down..hopefully this is something that you and your family find useful. Also the below recipes outline the basic dinner idea, and then the veggies I bought will serve as the side, with alternating quinoa, cauliflower mash, potatoes, or rice. Also I bought frozen veggies because studies show they actually have as much or more nutrients than fresh due to the time they are frozen– and Costco organic frozen- crazy cheap!

Chicken Enchilada Casserole x 2

Sloppy Joes x 2 (truth- I forgot the green peppers)

Roasted Whole Chicken x 2

Tacos with Spanish Rice x 2

Chicken Apple Sausage

Salmon Burgers (this was the cheapest way to include fish once a week in our diet that is wild caught- thanks Costco!) x 2

Grilled Chicken x 2

Hamburgers x 2

Price Breakdown 


1 pack Chicken Breasts- 25.00

1 pack Chicken Thighs- 15.53

5.5 lbs of Ground Beef- 22.40

2 whole organic chickens (this is by far the best deal on meat at Costco)- 23.75

1 pack Chicken Apple Sausage- 13.99 (there is way more in here than on my schedule- this will last us a while!)

1 pack Wild Caught Salmon Burgers- 14.99

1 packet organic spring mix- 3.99

1 5 lb. bag organic carrots-  4.99

1 package of organic quinoa-16.59

1 block of sharp Tillamok Cheese-10.29

1 jar of organic chicken stock base- 5.79

2 jars of organic salsa- 7.69

1 jar green chili- 7.89

1 bag of organic sweet potatoes- 7.99

1 bag of onions- 4.29

1 bag of organic sweet potato fries- 8.99

1 bag organic green peas- 6.39

1 bag organic green beans 4.89 (these were on sale)

(We already have the organic trio of carrots, peas, corn) This is a great one!

1 bag organic broccoli- 7.49

1 packet of corn tortillas- 2.99

1 box of organic diced tomatoes- 6.29

                                                     Total: 222.21

  It took a lot of work but it was totally worth it. I budgeted $100 a week for food; so I have about $25 a week left for extras and eating out. As a side note here are a few others things I think are a great buy at Costco that may or may not have ended up in my cart today.

Organic Peanut Butter- 2 jars: 10.99

Organic triple berry blend frozen- 9.99

Local Honey- 10.99

Organic Coconut Oil- 2 huge jars-  24.99

Organic Olive Oil- HUGE 15.99

Organic Coffee- 10.50

These are not things I purchase every time I go; but are a great deal when I need to restock the pantry. There a few other favs as well- like their gluten free coconut flour, their strawberry organic jam, their organic eggs (although we are now getting eggs from a neighbor). Costco really can save you money- you just have to stay away from all the other awesome things they want to sell you as well! 🙂 Did you try this meal plan? Did it work for you? Any other organic/ healthy favorites at your local Costco?


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