One Month at Costco for $250??

   Today is meal planning Friday. I’ve been brainstorming ways for us to save money on food- while still eating high quality, healthy ingredients. My goal for this week: Make one month worth of dinners for less than $250 all at Costco. Save a few dollars per week for fresh produce, dairy products, etc. Think I can do it? I was inspired by $5 dinners- she has done a lot of the work and I will be using a few of her recipes; however, I am in need of gluten free and dairy free as well so I will be making a few adjustments. So for now I meal plan. Any ideas? I’m open to any and all ways. What awesome organic products do you love at Costco? I will be back soon with my report.

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One thought on “One Month at Costco for $250??

  1. I would purchase my meats from Sprouts on Wednesdays( double coupons) those that are on sale only. Fish, Chicken, beef, sausages. Then divide them out for portions and freeze. Costco has great meat but way expensive for young families. Then use Costco great organic and GF products!


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