11 Days Till Spring and Homemade DIY All Purpose Spray

It’s hard to believe we could be talking about spring…when currently we are surrounded by snow. Thank goodness it’s melting this week!  February was the snowiest month on record for Colorado and we sure are feeling it. We are a little cooped up- but I know we need the moisture. So for now, I’ll just dream of spring.

Everyone knows that spring cleaning means it’s time to open up those windows, air out the curtains, and clean under your mattress (I just realized I’ve never done that- gasp!) I personally love spring cleaning, actually I love cleaning. It’s sort of therapeutic for me. I know I’m weird, and now that I have a kid I don’t do it as often- truth. So I’ve shared before about toxins and crud that is in everything in our home. Did you know that household cleaners, dish washing liquids, detergents, have some of the highest toxic content in our home. It shouldn’t surprise you since bleach can practically kill everything- including you.

As many of you know, I absolutely love my oils! I started my journey this last year and they are pretty much in every area of our life. We love having something to go to that is a safer alternative than over the counter medications, prescriptions, or just being plain old miserable during cold/flu season. While I absolutely believe that God is our great Physician- we can and should do things to help keep our families healthy at all times. That is why I have chosen oils. Therefore I am going to share with you a few DIY cleaning concoctions that I use in our home weekly. Spring cleaning is a great time to make up a batch of this stuff and then you have it all year long! Today I’m sharing my favorite all purpose spray.

DIY All Purpose Spray-

This is a must. You can use it for everything. Counters, bathrooms, kitchen table, glass, everything. You have two options- first young living has an awesome Thieves household cleaner that is already blended, you just place in a jar add water and go. Easy, convenient, awesome. Second- what I do- you can make your own.

1 cup of water

15 drops of oils- thieves (for antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral components) lemon for scent and immune boosting

1/2 Tbs of castille soap

Glass spray bottle

Make a batch and spray everything! Easy, simple, great!

Happy Cleaning!


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