Today’s About to Get Real

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   The title says it all…today’s about to get real. Fair warning. Ok, now you’ve been warned. We are continuing on in our series on supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Yesterday at my mom’s group a dear friend shared an amazing talk about what the Bible says about healthy living. This girl knows her stuff, and guess what..she’s agreed to guest blog and share with you all! Can’t wait! But…today we are talking about…working out….I said it.

Who cares what supplements, and vitamins we put in our body if we aren’t forcing our body to work for us in the best way possible- which unfortunately does not happen passively.  It seems like as soon as I say the words, “do you work out?” everyone freezes. This isn’t meant to be a guilt trip or another pep talk.But if we’re going to talk about healthy living, which ironically is the title of this blog- we have to talk about exercise, another healthy choice we must make everyday.

I will be the first to admit, as a mom, a wife, a maid, a cook, a chauffeur; this is hard. How in the world, admist all the other things we as moms have to do, do you make time to take a shower, let alone work out. I will encourage you- just keep trying until something works for you. I have tried many different things since E was born and I just kept getting frustrated because it was either I work out, or he gets a nap- then I don’t get nap time. Talk about frustrating. I kept trying different scenarios until I finally found one that works for me. While I am a gym girl-I need the competition to push me; it’s just not in the cards for me right now. Financially we’ve decided to cut back, and as far as time; by the time I’ve loaded up the kid in the car I could have finished my work out right here at home. I will recommend a program a friend told me about called Daily Burn. You can try it free for 30 days and it streams right to your computer or tv and has a different work out program everyday. There are a million options- just find one that works for you. I am now able to get a work out in, shower, and maybe do the dishes while little one naps. It works for us now. Maybe one day, I’ll get to head back to the gym- but for now it works. Don’t loose heart, you can and should make time for you!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the why. Everyone knows why we should work out..right?  It’s good for our health, strengthens our muscles, someone said we should..wah wah wah wah wah……But seriously. Why?

Let’s start with a few of the big hitters. Heart health. February is heart health month- so let’s start there.

  • Heart health-I worked on a cardiovascular step down unit for a bit and I can’t even tell you have many people came in with heart problems due to lifestyle choices. Our hearts are muscles. When we don’t push them or make them work harder, in essence, they get lazy. When you work out- strength training, weights, cardio- you are pushing your heart to pump more blood at a faster rate, as well as increasing the oxygen level in your whole body. These two things alone, boost your metabolism, provide life to your limbs, muscles, and other organs, lower your blood pressure, and increase your mood at the same time.
  • Core strength is another big one. When we are talking about healthy living- we can’t be healthy if your skeleton (aka bones) aren’t strong enough to hold up our frame. Think of the muscles on your body as the rubber bands which hold the bones in place. When these muscles aren’t strong the bones suffer. Back problems, hip, shoulder, joint, etc. are almost always as result of too much stress placed on the bones because the muscles aren’t strong enough to support them.
  • Metabolism Boost- who doesn’t want a shot of metabolism booster- you know the thing that helps you burn fat and digest your food more efficiently. Two words: work out.
  • Mood/Affect- Studies show that exercise can cause the same effect of those taking anti-depressants. Not only has it shown short term effects- you know the time where you really really really didn’t want to work out, and you did and then you felt better than you had all day. It’s also been shown to have long term effect on mood, depressive disorders, and anxiety. (
  • Brain function- recently studies are showing that increased level of brain-derived neutrophic factor increase in voluntary exercise and increase cognitive function later on in life. In layman’s terms- working out keeps your brain growing and active as you age.

The benefits are clear- most people already know most of this information. But this if just a friendly reminder, for me and for you. Get off the couch, move your body, and you will see results. Personally, when I dedicate time to improving my body physically, I see growth and change. I am a better mom, wife, friend. I have more energy, willingness, and stamina. It’s not always easy, there is grace for those days when you just can’t. But getting up is the first step. You can do it!



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