Minerals, Vitamins, Supplements…Where Oh Where Do I Start?

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time away as a family, and now it’s time to move on; do laundry, dishes, sleep train, etc. We had an amazing vacation, I just wish we could have brought the maid back with us! I am excited to start exploring and look further into Vitamins and supplements that I think everyone should be taking. A lot of times you walk through the vitamin/supplement section at a store and it is so overwhelming, you don’t even know where to start.

First off..why do we need them? What’s the big deal? Well years and years ago when God made food, He made it with all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs to survive. Overtime, things like pasteurization, freezing, processing, etc. have all stripped, changed, diminished the content of the food we eat. Therefore, our bodies need a little help. We’ve talked before about the importance of eating a whole food diet, organic, and full of protein, good carbs, vitamins, and minerals; but even if we logged every single ingredient in our food; most likely someone, somewhere would be deficient of something.

Why is that bad? Well our cells are like little powerhouse machines….they use different forms of vitamins, minerals, and body energy to run. Depending on what the function of the cell is it runs different mechanisms- energy creation, fat burning, digesting, fighting off infection, etc. Therefore, when we are lacking in one of these micro-nutrients that are so necessary to our innate body function- the whole body suffers. This is one of the reasons I believe everyone should be taking a multi-vitamin every day.

Another important factor to consider when looking at all the options available on the market today; choosing a whole food supplement. One that is literally coming from food; these are the nutrients our body knows how to handle since they are coming from the food we eat everyday. There are so many great brands on the market but if you are looking for somewhere to start; Garden of Life offers an organic whole food multi-vitamin supplement that is great; as well as Mega Food offers a Once Daily pill- however, I am not sure if the food sources are organic or not.

One other note: for those of you pregnant or breastfeeding; of course consult your doctor first. However, whatever you take in your baby gets direct access to their nutrients through your nutrition. So if you aren’t eating an organic diet, choosing high quality food, taking a prenatal or multi-vitamin supplement, in turn your baby is not getting those nutrients needed for growth and development. They rely on you to offer them the best start nutritionally! For those with older children it is equally as important to not only be feeding them a healthy organic diet but making sure they take their multi-vitamin as well. I do not recommend something like the Flintstones chewable as you are mostly feeding them a sugar pill. Garden of Life makes a great kids chewable as well. Talk with your local health food store, I’m sure you’ll find many options that work for you and your family.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, I feel it is a great place to start- invest in your health now; otherwise you’ll be paying someone else for it later!


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