A Little Catch Up…

Sorry I’ve been so quiet this month..you know how it gets..crazy. 🙂 But I sure am excited about the new things that are happening. I have been mulling over doing some sort of class series for a while. My biggest passion in life is focused on helping people take charge of their families health. Know what you’re doing, and why. It’s part of my calling as a mom and wife and I love empowering people to do that same. Through some encouragement of some lovely ladies in my life I am going to move forward in this calling. I hope to cover a wide variety of topics that could be helpful. Most of these will be in home classes that seek to answer personalized questions and health issues; however, I want to make these available via video as well so that you in the blog-a-sphere can benefit as well.

I actually held my first class in home last week. I recorded this little video about what we talked about. I love oils, and while they will not be the only thing we talk about I wanted to make the information available to all of you as well! This is in no way a marketing ploy- I really believe in sharing what I use for me and my family to stay healthy; and if it works for you- awesome. If not, take the info and keep moving. Thank you for sharing in the journey with me towards health and wellness!

The video can be found here: Intro Into Oils Class 


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