Going Green

Green…used to be my last name, well different spelling I guess. But, living in Boulder County and having lived in Seattle for 4 years, let me tell you a little about going green. 🙂 It seems to be the new “hype,” it’s everywhere. Green laundry detergent, green boxes, green hair ties- you name it- its there. So what’s really the big deal? Does it actually have any impact on our health? Do I really need “green” tissues?

In our house when I was found to have celiacs disease I learned to read every label out there. When I first started with gluten free it wasn’t so much a buzz word and you really had to hunt for ingredients on every thing you bought. When I started reading labels I started noticing a lot of other things as well- chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Well this isn’t about eating organically or clean; however, this caused me to start questioning and looking at everything.

As I began thinking about how food impacts our health I started wondering how all of these other chemicals we are exposed to every day in our lives harmed us as well. According to one source we take in more than 2 million toxins each day. Food, plastic, air exposure, etc. The list never ends. I’m not saying that to make you want to run out and buy a hazmat suit and never breathe the air again. However, I encourage you to being questioning how you can limit your toxic exposure as well. Tide- something many of us have and continue to use in our laundry. Tide has been linked to cancer causing materials; however, P&G are working on reducing these chemicals. Same is true of Cascade, it was banned in certain states due to the phosphate levels; which are being addressed. These are just a few everyday items that we use all the time. Clorox, bleach, bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, floor mops…all contributing to our every toxin overload. This is the reason I decided to switch.

Now in all fairness, I use Tide to clean our diapers. The surfactants in Tide actually get the poo off our diaps and clean bottoms are important to me; however, for the rest of our laundry I use a plant based detergent that is free and clear. However, for the most part I have found awesome replacements for almost everything we use- and at an  affordable rate as well. My desire is to decrease the amount of toxins we have in the house, so that our everyday load is less than it used to be. One recommendation I have for those who want to “go green” is don’t go through your cupboards and throw everything away at one time. For frugal me- that makes no sense. Use what you have and when it’s time to replace it- find a healthy alternative. Over time you’ll begin to overhaul the way you clean, eat, and what you ingest in the air.

This is not a plug for certain companies, nor have I been paid by anyone; but if you are needing some good places to get started in finding cheaper alternatives for cleaners here are a few companies that I have been satisfied with and would recommend in the hunt. Seventh generation (found at Target- there always seems to be a coupon), Melaleuca (awesome Walmart prices- but you have to be a member, if you need a distributor message me.) Norwex, an amazing cleaning company with no monthly fee, Young Living Essential Oils (I clean with thieves- I am a distributor if you have any oil needs!) These are just the tip of the iceberg. When I started looking at all our toxins in our home, I got overwhelmed. These companies directed me in where I could start and they have the research to back them as well.

Don’t be overwhelmed, one thing at a time. Together we’ll reduce our toxin level and create a  healthy environment for the next generation to thrive in (laughing at myself- I sound like a Boulder-hippie:) No, but seriously. Reducing the toxin load, reduces the stress on our bodies, making us less susceptible to disease, and creates a healthier environment in the process. Here’s to a healthier you!


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