Why do we care???

The bottom line…why do we need to care about healthy living?? That may seem like a silly question, one that you probably already have a million answers to; but really what’s the big deal? Well- your first and foremost answer should be we care, because God cares. Yes these bodies aren’t eternal, yes we get to experience better soon; but we should still care about the health and wellness of ourselves and our families right now. I have always been exposed to other methods of care; chiropractic, supplements, etc. however; it really wasn’t until I experienced my diagnosis of celiac disease that I really began to understand that we are very holistic people.

We live in an age of symptomatic treatment. You go to the doctor, you explain your symptoms, they prescribe a course of treatment and then you are healed (well hopefully.) It has been my experience that instead of healing, more often than not, it just becomes symptom management and as you get through with one, another one is right around the corner. Is that really healing the whole person or just compartmentalizing our whole bodies. Holistic health is so important. We can’t just look at one thing and in no way connect it to another. Often times disease and symptoms work in layers, with the most prominent being the only thing we “see” while underneath there may be 10 other symptoms that will not show up unitl the top one is fixed. The other thing with symptom management is that in a majority of cases that is what it is: management- not healing. How do we get to the root of the problem? Too often no one even knows what the root of the problem is and frankly if there isn’t a drug on the market to fix it- they don’t want to know. I really do believe that doctors trained in western medicine have the best of intentions and really do care about healing for people; but I think too often they are taught to look at people in a very compartmentalized way.

I remember multiple conversations with patients who had been admitted to the hospital and when I asked, “Well how is your diet?” Many would look at me like I had four eyes and then proceed to say something like, “that has nothing to do with this?” In my head I was thinking what do you mean it has nothing to do with it. We are what we eat. You put something into your body it will have some sort of affect. This is the mentality that is so hard to “change” without seeming too extreme or overly biased. We need to look at the whole person. What we eat, how much water do we take in, are we exercising, what supplements or medications, any current of recent stressors in life, and the list just keeps going. We are whole people- that means we have to treat the whole person. So let’s start with questions like, “what are you eating?” before moving to “how can we fix it?”

So the bottom line…we care because God cares and we care about the whole person. If I sit down with someone and they start asking me questions about their health- one of the first things I start thinking through is environment, diet, social experiences before we even start talking in a medical concept. Coming from someone who had at least 20 doctors tell me I just had anxiety and try to prescribe some Xanex; not until 8 months later when a Diagnostic Chiropractor decided to look at my diet and in one week of no gluten, I was back. Hence, I’m not looking back- my passion is to help people see the same, to explore because you know your body and problems better than anyone and insist on a better standard of care.


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