A New Beginning

I had no idea that this phase of life was going to offer a new journey for me- but I could not be more thrilled to begin embarking on it.  A few months ago God began a journey in my heart. I have been involved in the study titled “Restless” which has allowed me to survey my gifts, my talents, my passions, my hopes, dreams, and threads involved in my life. As I participated I really had no idea where it would take me, or even if it would lead anywhere in particular. But as I surveyed these things I realized some main overarching themes. First, I am restless – I love my “job”, being E’s momma and would never trade it for the world- but I am longing for something: I just can’t put my finger on it. Second, I am gifted- I am a natural born leader, I have experience in the medical field as a practicing RN, I love natural health, and I love educating people. As I looked at all these puzzle pieces I couldn’t find a common thread; what in the world would all these things have in common and how could they be used for anything.

Last week it hit me- my passion and my gifting lies in just that; helping people in natural health and wellness live their best life this side of eternity. As I sorted through that all of this, these thoughts came at me; “you aren’t qualified to teach people,” “you’re too young”, “who would listen to you?” “What in the world do you have to offer?” I realized I really do have something to offer. I have worked long enough in the medical field to know that I’m hungry for something different, that I want people to know that they have options; for themselves, for their families, for the ones they love. I want people to feel compelled to take control of their health, not just let life and western medicine dictate how we live the rest of our lives. As a caveat, this is not going to be a blog bashing western medicine as I have and do see the huge importance of it in our lives today and in the future. However, I will seek to offer education that gives options outside of that scope while still respecting its value. I want to encourage a culture of prevention and ownership when it comes to our health- physical, spiritual, and emotional.  I will seek to engage and present all different kinds of material- even having guests focusing on their specific field so that we can all be learning together. I have just begun my journey and hope that some of the things I am learning can intersect your story or be of help to you and your family.


One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. Integrative medicine must be in your future! Bethany I would encourage you to seek out those areas in medicine you so feel led in
    check out this dr’s YouTube videos .An MD you spent 7 years in practice and felt he never healed major issues just gave out more and more pharmaceuticals.
    Veritas medical info part 1&2.


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